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How Did We Become A Full Circle Marketing Business?


Let me share with you the journey of our transformation into Strand360


We are a business that offers comprehensive marketing products and solutions. Our story revolves around the businesses we have assisted and the strong relationships we have forged and continue to nurture.

These connections have guided us towards creating more advanced and innovative solutions that help our clients. From the very beginning, our focus has always been on aiding our clients in achieving their objectives.

And now, we invite you to join us and become a part of our narrative as well.

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The Beginnings: Strand Printing


A Vision in Lacombe, Alberta (1983) In 1983, Mike and Marg Strand identified a gap in the market for a quality printing service in Lacombe, Alberta. They established Strand Printing in the historic Creamery Building, acquiring essential equipment from the Lacombe Globe and Canadian University College (now Burman University). Their vision was simple yet ambitious: to provide top-notch printing services to the growing community of Central Alberta.

Transition and Growth - New Leadership, New Horizons (1999)

In August 1999, Dan Bradford took the helm of Strand Printing. Under his leadership, the company not only grew but also relocated to a new, more prominent location on Highway 2A, the future site of Sunny 94 radio. For a decade, the Bradford family nurtured and expanded the business, setting the stage for the next chapter in its history.

Evolving into Strand Media

Bruce Clarke's Era (2010)

In March 2010, Bruce Clarke, a professional with deep roots in sign manufacturing, particularly with the Jim Pattison Group, acquired Strand Printing. Bruce's vision, influenced by his experience and exposure to one of Canada's most successful business figures, was to expand beyond traditional printing. He purchased a small sign company, integrating it into the business and rebranded as Strand Media. This strategic move not only diversified the services offered but also marked the beginning of a new identity.

Responding to Market Needs

As customer demands evolved, so did Strand Media. The company began offering customized corporate SWAG, including hats and tee shirts, in response to client requests. This expansion reflected a keen understanding of market trends and client needs, positioning Strand Media as a go-to provider for a wide range of marketing products.

Strand360 – Your Full Circle Marketing Business 

Embracing the Digital Age (Rebranding)


With the digital revolution reshaping the business landscape, a pivotal decision was made. To better reflect the comprehensive range of marketing services now offered, a rebranding to Strand360 was initiated. The name 'Strand' had become synonymous with quality and reliability in central Alberta over four decades, and it was crucial to retain this legacy. The '360' in Strand360 symbolizes the full spectrum of adaptable products and solutions, encompassing everything from traditional print to cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Embracing the Digital Age (Rebranding)

Today, Strand360 stands as a testament to adaptability and innovation in the marketing industry. From its humble beginnings as a local print shop to becoming a leader in full-circle marketing solutions, the journey of Strand360 is one of growth, foresight, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether assisting startups or enhancing established corporate identities, Strand360 continues to evolve, always keeping one step ahead in the dynamic world of marketing.

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