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Promotional Magnets In Print Marketing

Do you have promotional magnets on your fridge? Maybe you had some during your childhood? 

Before social media, people sent postcards when they travelled, or brought back refrigerator magnets to commemorate the special places they visited. Using magnets as promotional material is nostalgic, practical, and everyone enjoys receiving a free gift.  

So, whether you hand promotional magnets out at trade shows or offer them as advertising giveaways, they are attractive marketing products and useful business solutions. Why else should you use promotional magnets to publicize your brand, goods, or services?  

Magnets Can Last Much Longer Than Other Print  

Are you using traditional print marketing materials such as business cards and brochures to promote your business? Maybe you advertise in the local newspaper to reach an older target market that is not active on social media. Consider adding magnets to your marketing portfolio. 

They last much longer than other print materials as they are made from a permanently magnetized vinyl. The magnetic surface sticks to metal surfaces but is easy to pull off without leaving residue or damaging the surface. They are flexible, durable, and weather resistant. 

A business card or brochure might be left somewhere in a drawer at home, but people find it difficult to throw away something as practical as a magnetic advertising sign. Even if they don’t think they need the advertised service and stick it onto the side of the fridge, it is always subtly visible.

Magnets Can Be Placed Everywhere   

Promotional magnets are, of course, not only created to be stuck on the refrigerator. They can be placed everywhere there is a metal surface. Take your marketing on the road with custom car magnets for the company vehicle. They are easy to change around when you want to advertise different services or products. Strand360 car, truck, and van custom magnets are wind-tested, durable and semi-permanent. We use quality printing and create promotional magnets in any shape or size. 

Where else would a magnet serve as a visual reminder of your services, products, or brand? Garages and tool sheds have metal surfaces for vehicle and maintenance-related services. Washers are ideal for the contact details and listed services offered by plumbers and electricians.

Magnets Leave Lasting Impressions

Magnets leave a lasting impression if they are creative, eye-catching, and have interesting custom sizes and shapes. With Strand360 custom postcard magnets, the design options are endless. Design a magnetic calendar to help your clients stay organized. Give free business card magnets with customer orders or hand them out at trade shows. If you are an apple farmer, choose a branded magnet in the shape of an apple to leave with clients. And, of course, it is the perfect tool for fast food takeout menus.    

Magnetic cards are not only a business tool. Use them as a Save the Date card for a big work event, important birthday, or wedding. Create a printed full-color postcard magnet to serve as a tourist map highlighting areas of interest or use it to promote permanent art collections. Offer a list of emergency services and hospital contact details to all customers.   

It Promotes Your Business 

Strand360 postcard magnets can promote your business in a cost-effective way. Use business branding on magnetic products by including company colors and contact details. Promotional magnets can be made in custom sizes and there are many designs to choose. Include information on your magnetic business card that customers need, based on your industry experience. If your business sells baking goods, add liquid and dry measure equivalents or uses for spices.    

Strand360 provides full-service marketing services in Alberta to help your business convey professionalism through brand design. It includes custom visual communication tools such as window graphics, illuminated signage, and eye-catching magnets. Do you want to connect with your customers with promotional magnets? Contact Strand360 today.