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How to market your business with vehicle wraps

Marketing Products / January 25, 2022

Are you looking to market your business through the use of vehicle wraps. Strand360 explains how to do so effectively.

How do vinyl vehicle wraps strengthen your business marketing strategy

Strand360 outlines ways in which using vinyl vehicle wraps for your vehicles can create an impact:

  • As soon as the vinyl vehicle wrap is installed on your vehicle, it functions as an effective marketing and advertising tool. Wherever you go – client visits, road trips, or just the local store – the vehicle wrap will catch the attention of all those who lay an eye on the attractive colors and bright designs.
  • If you look at the more traditional advertising platforms such as TV or radio, your ad is seen or listened to by only the people tuning in at the time. This can work in two ways: either those uninterested are viewing your ad or those interested have missed it. However, with vinyl vehicle wraps, you and your employees can drive your fleet through areas where your target audience resides. This direct marketing to your intended audience can have great impacts in the long run.
  • High-quality vinyl vehicle wraps are not just suitable for marketing but also offer protection to your fleet. These vehicle wraps have excellent UV-resistant properties, safeguarding your vehicles from extreme heat and sunlight. The vinyl vehicle wraps can also offer protection against strong rains, giving the exterior of your vehicle an added protective layer.

Top examples of vehicle wrap design

The most suitable vehicle wrap design for your business is dependent completely on your business needs and what you are looking to promote. The most popular vehicle wrap designs include:

  • Expertise: As a business owner, we are sure you have a lot to be proud of. Why not use it on a vehicle wrap? This lets potential customers know what your strengths are and how you can benefit them. For example, if you are a graphic design company with expertise in website building and design, declare it loud and proud on your vehicle wrap.
  • What customers love: Always keep your target audience and their interests in mind while designing your marketing material. For example, if you are a sports store, you can have a baseball- or basketball-themed vehicle wrap that will appeal to just the right potential customers.
  • Readable: The most effective vehicle wraps are the ones potential customers can read and remember even when they are on the move. Thus, vehicle wraps that are not too busy or overshadowed by dark or overtly bright colors can be the way to go.

Tips for marketing with car wraps

Strand360 has collated the most important tips you can use to market your business through car wraps:

  • Ensure the design is attractive and eye-catching
  • Position or park your vehicle in high-traffic and high-visibility spots
  • Using short questions or memorable images can have a greater impact on potential customers
  • Installing the wraps on brand-appropriate vehicles. For example, a vehicle wrap promoting a high-end product will work better if installed on a luxury car

For more information on marketing your business with vehicle wraps, contact Strand360 today.