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75 Marketing Strategies for Small Business (Part 2)

Marketing / March 27, 2019

As you learned in 75 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Part 1, you need marketing solutions that fit your goals. No industry marketing strategies are the same.  All business marketing needs to be unique to your individual brand. Now, get ready for out next 25 marketing strategies for small business.

26. Recycle Content

There are a lot of people that have probably never seen your old content; to them it will be new. You can also mash up old stuff to create eBooks or new videos.

27. Create a Referral Program

Word of Mouth is the number 1 marketing tool. Offer customers some kind of reward for referring new customers your way.

28. Utilize Online Contests

You don’t need a super expensive prize to get participants and the number of entrants could land you some new potential leads.

29. Make Industry Partnerships

Team up with another business for a joint partnership means twice as much notice; create an event, seminar, webinar, or have a promotional giveaway.

30. Have Amazing Business Cards

Every handshake delivered should come with a business card, the more people who know about your business the better.

31. Get Creative

Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive, you can use sidewalk chalk, dress in a goofy costume, walk a cow around town, as long as it’s legal and relates to your business.

32. Host a Workshop or Event

Plan a seminar or event that relates to your business and host it at your location to bring in new people.

33. Use Business Card Contests

Have a bowl or jar at your business for people to leave business cards in for a chance to win a reward from your business.

34. Use Email Marketing

You can create personalized and automated messaging to get visitors to engage with your business more and make them feel like you’re talking directly to them.

35. Vehicle Graphics = Mobile Advertising

Build brand awareness while you’re driving around town or parked outside a busy location.

36. Sponsor Local Contests & Events

Donating one of your products or services as a prize for a local contest or event creates local engagement.

37. Join Local Business Organizations and Groups

The networking and marketing benefits are huge, once you’re well known by other business leaders in the community it should drive your referrals way up.

38. Create and Plan a Charitable Event

A business can get huge amounts of press of charitable events, whether it’s on a local or global stage.

39. Have and Create Content for Your Own Blog

Use it to build an audience of people that would be interested in your products/services. Write regularly about topics related to your business and what your business is doing.

40. Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth advertising is the easiest, least expensive and least time consuming of all marketing strategies.

41. Understand Your Customers

The more accurate information you have about your target audience the more effective your marketing campaigns will be.

42. Design Your Product or Service around Your Target Audience

You want your product or service to be tailored to your customers from the way it’s promoted to the packaging it’s wrapped in.

43. Make Sure Your Storefront is Immaculate

A good first impression generates trust, motivates employees and allows customers to be comfortable with their decision to come to you.

44. Respond to Complaints Professionally

A complaint that is dealt with properly will often result in a loyal customer.

45. Claim Relevant Directory Listings

Get your local business on all relevant directories; yelp, foursquare, yellow pages, etc.

46. Don’t Assume Direct Marketing is Dead

Postcards and mail-outs are cheap to design, print and mail and are already open when received versus e-mail.

47. Get Company Swag

Have t-shirts and other apparel items made. Deck your employees in them; give them out as promotional items, or both.

48. Join Online Forums and Groups

These are great ways to drum up interest but be careful, the key isn’t to sell or give a pitch; it’s to discuss the topic at hand to create trust.

49. Treat Your Customers like Gold

Creating loyalty and trust generates word of mouth advertising which results in referrals.

50. Give Away Free Stuff

When you attend trade shows and conventions with free giveaways in the form of a product or service you provide, it can create buzz and get people to line up at your store to buy it.

Develop Business Marketing Strategies That Work!

Marketing strategies for any business should be custom tailored to that individual company’s brand.  Every business is different but every organization needs a strong brand design for their corporate identity across all their channels. Whether that be digital marketing web services or more traditional marketing products like business cards and posters. Contact Strand360 today to receive your FREE Marketing Consultation.