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6 Ways To Improve Your Website About Page

Research and analytics show the ‘about’ page is one of the most visited areas of a website. It’s also one of the most neglected pages when it comes to content. So how do you create a kick-ass ‘about’ page for your website? It’s easier said than done. For that reason, here are some tips to help you better craft and improve your website about page.

1. Let the Customers Talk for You:

What’s the first thing you do when you need an oil change, a new dentist, or are looking for a new restaurant to try? People will use a search engine to find local results. These results will often present reviews. Gather customer testimonials and use them on your websites about page. This lets viewers see what others are saying about you. Another thing reviews and testimonials are good for is developing slogans and headlines. Use certain elements that are constantly mentioned within the reviews.

2. Talk about Your Audience, Not Yourself:

Let us explain further, yes the ‘about us’ page is about your company. However, what potential consumers want to know is to what you can do for them. They have a problem, a pain point, that they need you to solve. What is it? By talking about what you can do for the viewer you are providing answers to their challenges. Above all, this builds on the most important factor in any relationship, trust!

3. Focus on Your Story:

It may not be the most fascinating story, but it’s yours. Focus on the brand of your corporate identity.  What makes that brand human? Where did the idea for the company come from? What was it like in the early stages of business? How does it compare to the present? By telling your brands story it shows viewers a personal touch they can connect with.

4. Include a Call to Action:

You need a button/link, that stands out, directing viewers to contact you. Provide a link to your contact page or the phone number. As a result, after they’ve learned more about you they now have an easy way to buy. Allow them to do so by providing a call-to-action button that lets them email or phone you.

5. Speak in Plain English:

Cut out the shorthand and acronym filled jargon. There is no ‘best-way’ to write but you don’t want to confuse viewers. Using acronyms you think are clever may make it hard for viewers to understand you. Due to this, potential customers may leave for a competitor website.

6. Make it YOU:

Above anything, make sure the about page screams you. Showcase your brand. Use photos and videos! Maybe infographics? Furthermore, use anything else that educates others about your solutions. Try to do it in a fun and informative way. Do it in a way that is YOU!

Looking To Improve Your Website?

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