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 WPW Inc. has been an industry leading oilfield service and welding and fabrication company since 1983. We pride ourselves in providing a safe working environment along with high quality workmanship. We provide many construction services to the Alberta and BC oil and gas industry specializing in pipelines, gas plants, compressor stations, oil batteries and well-site facilities along with providing a full range of Alberta oilfield construction, fabrication and repair services.

Our Offered Solution:

Design Concept: Our team of talented designers collaborated with WPW Inc. to create a fresh and modern design concept that aligned with the company's branding and image. This involved developing digital mockups and seeking approval from WPW Inc.

Material Selection: Careful consideration went into choosing the right materials for the truck wrap. Our team selected high-quality, durable vinyl wraps known for their resistance to fading, peeling, and damage from environmental factors.

Vehicle Measurement and Template Creation: To ensure a precise fit, our team measured the truck's dimensions accurately and created custom templates for the wrap. This step was crucial in achieving a seamless appearance and preventing any design distortions.

Print and Production: High-resolution printing equipment was used to produce the graphics and branding elements. The design incorporated WPW Inc.'s logo, company colors, contact information, and eye-catching visuals.

Installation: Experienced installers from our team meticulously applied the vinyl wrap to the truck's surface. This required careful alignment of panels, minimizing seams, and ensuring a smooth, bubble-free finish. The installation process also included trimming and shaping the material to fit around the vehicle's unique contours.

Lamination: To protect the wrap from UV rays, abrasion, and wear-and-tear, a layer of UV-resistant lamination was applied. This layer added an extra level of durability to the wrap, extending its lifespan and maintaining its vibrant appearance.

Quality Inspection: Before handing over the completed truck to WPW Inc., a thorough quality inspection was conducted. Every aspect of the wrap, from alignment to adhesion, was scrutinized to ensure it met the highest standards of quality.

Client Approval: Our team worked closely with WPW Inc. to ensure the final design and application met their expectations. Any necessary adjustments or fine-tuning were made to ensure complete client satisfaction.

The result of these technical tasks was a stunning truck wrap that not only enhanced WPW Inc.'s brand visibility but also protected their vehicle with a long-lasting, attractive exterior. Our team's attention to detail and technical expertise ensured a successful project outcome for WPW Inc.

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