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What is Protac Antimicrobial Protection Film?

Protac AMP Film by Drytac is a 150µ (6 mil) textured polyester film that incorporates Microban antimicrobial protection. When microbes contact the Microban reservoirs in the Protac AMP film, the cell wall of the microbes becomes disrupted. This results in the surface of the film providing constant additional protection against spreading of microbial contamination. This results in a  cleaner and fresher surface area.

Protects Surfaces from Mold, Growth & Bacterial Contamination

  • MRSA
  • Streptococcus
  • E.coli
  • Salmonella
  • and more

The Protac AMP Film is ideal for prevention against the growth and spread of bacteria on touchable surfaces. Including counters, control panels, door plates, switches and equipment. Including microban protects the film itself and increases its effective lifetime against attack from Mould and Mildew. Typical cleaning and sterilizing practices should still be performed, in order to remove potentially biologically active challenges. Including aerosol droplets from breathing etc.

What is the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial?

The main difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial substances is the kinds of microorganisms each will act upon.

Antibacterial Technologies are effective against a ranged spectrum of farmful bacteria, including E. coli and MRSA. Antibacterial treated articles are usually include silver active ingredients.

Antimicrobial Technologies will minimize the presence of bacteria, fungi and mould. The broad spectrum performance of antimicrobial substances makes for the perfect use for hygiene critical environments, such as schools, hospitals and commercial kitchens.

What else can you tell me about Protac AMP Film?

If you'd like to learn more about Drytac's Protac AMP Film please download the our pdf of frequently asked questions.

Download Amp Film Faqs Download Amp Film Faqs

How does Strand360 fit in with Protac AMP Film?

Strand360 is a partner distributor of Drytac products. We have access to use these materials on surface graphics such as doors, walls, counters, windows and more. Talk to us more about our marketing products and how we can help make your business or organization antimicrobial protected.