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What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing,Marketing / March 19, 2019

Let’s start with a simple answer to the question, what is a digital marketing strategy? Any marketing efforts that happen on the internet or with the use of an electronic device. It is a marketing practice that uses multiple web services and channels to connect with your audience. This includes digital devices, digital platforms, digital media, digital data and digital technology. Seems simple, but what is digital marketing strategy really?

The point of all marketing services is about connecting with your ideal target audience in the right place and at the right time.  With digital marketing that means engaging with potential customers online and through their digital devices. This allows business owners to use the power of the internet to grow brand awareness and lead generation through the numerous, paid and free, digital channels available.

So, What is A Digital Marketing Strategy & What Are The Building Blocks To Developing One?

What are the strategies and solutions that businesses can use for their digital marketing strategy?

  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Automation
  • Paid Search
  • Analytics

This list of tactics can easily be broken down into more descriptive strategies and solutions.  However, this is just a simple guide to get you, and your business, started on your digital marketing journey. There’s no reason to over complicate things right now.

Will A Digital Marketing Strategy Work for My Business?

Now that we’ve answered your question, “What is a digital marketing strategy?”, will it work for you? A digital marketing strategy will work for any business. However, depending on the industry, different solutions may work better for your online strategy. Digital marketing is all about nurturing and attracting clients to your website. When you provide helpful information and assets it shows your experience and creates a sense of trust.

Using this tactic alongside trusty analytics allows you to measure the performance of your content. What is and isn’t working? With analytics you can track everything and everyone that is visiting or leaving your website. This information can be used for re-targeting purposes and to optimize your current marketing strategy. Unlike newspapers and radio stations, digital marketing can accurately track the amount of people that saw and read your ad.  Not only that but how many viewers clicked on it or went steps further down your funnel, completing the buying process? 

Can I Afford Digital Marketing Services?

No company is the same. Some are smaller and some larger. There are countless industries, niches and brand personalities. Digital marketing costs come down to your goals. How aggressive do you want to get with your digital marketing strategy? Don’t forget about your return on investment (ROI). Which digital marketing tactics give you the highest ROI? How many clients would online channels need to bring in to pay for these services? Marketing is often tailored to individual needs and budgets.

The real question is, can you afford NOT to have a marketing strategy? Even smaller businesses will sometimes have or need that one person that is dedicated to the overall marketing efforts. While larger companies will often have a team of professionals and specialists. There’s also the option of hiring an agency, which can often be more cost effective for both small and large businesses. Your job is to worry about growing your business, part of that is growth is finding reliable marketing solutions.

Where Do I Start?

Now that you can answer the question, “what is a digital marketing strategy?”, where do you start?  As a WSI Certified Marketing AgencyStrand360, prides itself on offering simplified marketing solutions.  For more information and to receive your FREE consultation contact Strand360.