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Top selling products provided by printers

Marketing Products / January 11, 2022

Printed products are always popular as gifts or promotional items. But what are the top-selling products provided by printers? Find out more from Strand360, a marketing agency specializing in digital and traditional marketing in Alberta.


Printed T-shirts are what kickstarted the revolution of printed promotional products.

It’s no doubt but one of the most popular printed products still remains the trusted T-shirt. These versatile pieces of clothing are wearable all year round and make them a favorite among millions across the world.

With printing, T-shirts can be customized with brand names, logos, and any design your customers demand. Having taken the international e-commerce markets by storm, printing T-shirts can help you stand out from your competitors.

According to Strand360, there are several reasons why printed t-shirts will continue to gain popularity in 2022:

  1. Branding: With thousands of businesses sprouting up every day, it is important to grab the attention of consumers and potential customers. Using customized, printed t-shirts can create brand awareness in a fun, casual manner.
  2. Pop culture: For customers obsessed with pop culture, be it TV series, movies, or music, printed t-shirts can be used to flaunt their favorites. Game of Thrones t-shirt, anyone?
  3. Team spirit: For business owners looking to create a strong culture among employees and enhance morale and team spirit, having printed, custom-made t-shirts can do just this. Staff will also wear t-shirts designed with their company logo and name with a sense of pride.
  4. Customer loyalty: Customers love freebies and printed t-shirts are one of their favorites.
  5. Off-the-clock marketing: Printed t-shirts provide excellent marketing and advertising opportunities around the clock as they create brand awareness whenever and wherever they are worn.

Phone covers

Another highly popular product that can be customized through printing is the phone cover. Printed phone covers are not just trendy, designed with the latest styles and prints, but can be used for marketing purposes when brand names and logos are added.

Why are printed phone covers so popular among businesses?

  1. High visibility: With most people constantly on their phones, printed phone covers act as mini billboards for a business. According to reports, an average person uses their phone over 85 times a day! With such statistics, it is no wonder that printed phone covers are so popular in marketing.
  2. Utility: Customers love promotional items that are useful and have a purpose. Phone covers, of course, can be used multiple times every single day.
  3. Easy to transport: If you are a business owner looking to ship promotional materials to your preferred customers, phone covers can be an excellent option as they are lightweight and small in size.

Stationery and notebooks

Everyone loves looking at beautiful stationery but how many people use it? In our overly digital world, most people prefer to take notes or write on an electronic screen rather than a notebook. Even though there is an apparent drop in popularity, there is a solution: customized, printed stationery and notebooks.

Every customer will love a notebook with their name on the cover or a pen with their favorite quote. Stationery is cost-effective to purchase and customizing it can create stunning promotional items that are a hit with your client base.

For more information on the top-selling products provided by printers, contact Strand360 today!