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Marketing During Covid 19

Marketing / November 17, 2020

The world looks much different now from what it did  a year ago. The economic unpredictability’s caused by Covid 19 should be incentive enough to take a hard look at the strategy you’re using to maintain and continue growing your business. From a marketing aspect, the new normal can seem quite challenging. Unfortunately, it’s no longer “business as usual. Strategic marketing services may be needed to maintain or grow your business during these troubling times.  



This is a tricky question with the answer being a definitive maybe! A hostile economy can build as many opportunities as it can dismantle. Some losses are unavoidable, but for most entrepreneurs it’s about diminishing your losses while finding ways to capitalize on new opportunities. It’s about making critical data-driven decisions that leave your business stronger. Is your competition sitting around and trying to wait out the storm, even though there’s demand for your services? This may be the perfect time to strike and distance yourself from them by letting the world know that you’re still open for business! 




It can typically cost 5 times the amount of money to bring in a new customer than it does an existing client. As we potentially brace for multiple second waves, don’t lose sight of your existing customers. Try reintroducing yourself to them. This can be done with a well-crafted flyer or brochure, using your personal brand design, sent to them in the mail. If you have a strong email database of past customers, an email campaign or advertising to them on various online channels is another great option. 

You can also try rewarding your more loyal customers with marketing products that that showcase your corporate identity. Imprint your logo on various swag. Bonus points for giving out a unique item that suits your business.  


Some businesses, potentially your competition, have stopped or reduced communication with their clients as a result of the pandemic. Communicating with current and potential clients will reassure those that are still in need of your services that your still open for business to help them. Talk about the precautions you are taking for customers to feel safe in your business. 



Try being more active on social media. People have been spending more time at home, and on social sites, than ever before. So, it’s critical that your active, and social, on the same channels your customers frequent. Share updates about your business, blog posts and other content your target audience will find interesting or helpful. Think about developing short videos to show what it’s like behind the scenes, make announcements, or bring them weekly tips related to the services or products you offer. Or try putting out a giant “Open for Business” sign if you’re store is in an area with heavy foot and vehicle traffic. 


Part of communicating with your clients, but it deserves a special shout out. Asking for a favor can be hard but asking for reviews is important to your businesses offline and online presence. Whether a potential customer is planning on visiting, calling or sending you a message. Most of them are doing their research ahead of time. This typically means “googling” your company and one of the things their looking at is your reviews. If you have none or even worse, bad reviews, this can cause a viewer to skip right over your business. By asking for reviews from clients that loved the service your provided them, you also provide potential new clients an idea of what they can expect by contacting you. 

So how do you ask for reviews? You can ask in the store after they’ve made a purchase, or in their home after providing a service. Send out emails asking them if they’d mind writing you a quick review. You might even decide to run a contest, have them send in a photo using your product or a before and after of the services that were provided. Don’t forget to provide where you would like the review to be posted. Google is important but depending on your audience other review or social sites may be equally important. Try directing different customers to leave reviews on different channels. 


Depending on your industry, products or services, think about providing free delivery in your local community. Post photos and videos on your website and social media channels to encourage interest from your audience. Provide online ordering if you’re a restaurant or sell your stores products directly on its website. Get really, really good at responding to people in order to make them feel comfortable however they feel like communicating. This includes responding to emails, social media messages, phone calls and even texts, as quickly as possible so you don’t miss out on making a sale. 




Review your business and marketing plan right now if a return to lockdown becomes a reality. What areas deliver your highest return? What product or service do you offer that has the greatest profit? Are you currently marketing it? Which key marketing activities have the greatest return on investment? Once these important items are identified, concentrate on them to maintain a consistent marketing strategy. 

Many business owners are struggling to keep up with the constant changes to our reality due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Working with reduced staff and limited cash flow. Investing in a strategic marketing solutions and tools to help rebuild or improve your business can help save you time and keep your efforts on track. If you don’t know where to start, contact us for a free consultation. 

The marketing team at Strand360 is ready to help you develop a strategy that fits your brand and target audience. We start by learning more about your business and discovering your paint points. After analyzing the information, you provide us and researching your industry and competition we can help you develop the marketing solutions your business needs to survive. Continue working with us as we evaluate the efforts made and adapt your strategy, based on analytics and insights, in order to continue improving your growth.