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LinkedIn Company Page Features to Start Using Now

Do you have a LinkedIn company page? If not, you are missing out on connecting with the more than nineteen million members they have in Canada, and the opportunity to connect with more than 850 million members of this business social media platform worldwide. To make full use of LinkedIn’s global professional network, start using the following features.    

Tip: LinkedIn has a professional name pronunciation feature if you are unsure how to pronounce the name of a potential client. The audio clip appears next to their profile name if they used the option.   

Paid Promotion For Company Events  

LinkedIn Events lets you create and join professional events such as seminars, online workshops and more. LinkedIn Live are virtual events streamed on LinkedIn with real-time conversation in the comments. If your company made use of these features before, you can now boost future company events to drive registrations, and promote your event. 

It is a paid promotion, so after setting up the campaign schedule and budget and paying, an event ad will appear in the LinkedIn feed of the professionals you selected as your target audience. To generate even more interest, you can add speakers and create an organic post to promote the event. It is also an opportunity to collect attendee details for future marketing efforts or to expand the list of attendees you invite to the next event.  

Page Engagement    

LinkedIn previously allowed brands to engage only with content on their own company pages, respond to mentions, and follow hashtags. Now you can increase page engagement by interacting with any feed post as your company’s LinkedIn page, even if they did not tag your company or include a hashtag your brand follows. Look for the post you want to engage with, click your profile image in the bottom left-hand corner and select your page before responding.  

Where can you look for more content to engage with?

  • Company pages or member profiles you visit that have their own feeds
  • Your own personal feed, including everyone you follow, whether pages or people
  • Your company page feed, including hashtags, employee posts, and page posts.    

Private Mode When Viewing Profiles   

LinkedIn allows members to view profiles in private mode and semi-private mode. When you look at the profile of business professionals or companies in private mode, you will appear in that person’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” section as “LinkedIn Member – This person is viewing profiles in private mode” and no other information about you will be shared. It allows you to view the profiles of job seekers, competitors, their content, and connections.   

In semi-private mode, the LinkedIn profile you are viewing will see your job title, company, school, and industry. This feature is somewhat like leaving your business card. 

Have you activated the LinkedIn feature that prevents others from seeing your connections? 

Why should you do this? It stops competitors from seeing who your clients, partners and employees are.

Audience Segmentation   

Have you done your audience segmentation and want to find another way to engage with a target audience? Did you know you can use LinkedIn Showcase Pages as part of your marketing strategy? Showcase Pages are designed to highlight initiatives, business units, and individual brands. Once set up, they will appear under the ‘Affiliated Pages’ section of your LinkedIn business page. If you want to highlight a specific country or region your business works in, don’t create a showcase page for it, rather geo-target organic posts on your main page.

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