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How Much Should You Pay for Logo Design?

Marketing / July 19, 2022

Before breaking down graphic design prices and the cost of logo design, consider the value of a custom business logo. Getting a logo is not just popping an image next to your company’s name because everyone else does. Your logo visually identifies the inimitable character of your business and what your brand represents. Think of it as the face of your company.

Because it is often one of the first dealings consumers have with your company, it is imperative that your logo validates your quality, professionalism, and values. Although your brand involves so much more than a simple mark, your logo is of great importance:

  • Attention. Your logo quickly grabs people’s attention and expresses your company’s core values in a visually interesting way.
  • First impression. An unprofessional logo gives the impression that you are dodgy, whereas a strong logo promotes positive associations.
  • Foundation. The elements of your logo – color, fonts, tones – set the stage for the narrative about your brand.
  • Reminder. An aesthetically pleasing visual triggers positive recognition, so make your logo memorable.
  • Distinction. When your logo is well thought-out, it highlights what makes your business better than the competition.
  • Loyalty. Consumers crave consistency. Give it to them, and brand loyalty will follow.
  • Expectation. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay front and centre of your audience’s mind. Your logo represents you everywhere.

Can you trust the cheapest designer with something that integral to the success of your business?

How Much Does Logo Design Cost?

Asking “How much to design a logo?” is like asking how long a piece of string is! Logo design pricing varies tremendously. As a Canadian small business, though, you should budget on about CA$400 – CA$1,600.

Logo design costs are largely dependant on what your priorities are:

Time and budget constraints. Logo generators offer the quickest turnaround time and are the cheapest. Although many are free, expect to pay CA$15 – CA$65 to purchase your design. The downside is that your options are limited, resulting in a generic logo.

Some less experienced freelance graphic logo designers may charge you less than CA$300. But be wary of the quality and/or legality of their work.

Hands-on approach. Do you already have a pretty good understanding of your target audience and the time to make changes based on your feedback? Then you could hire an experienced freelancer to create your logo. Again, do your research to ensure the candidate is legit. Weigh up how they charge (hourly rate or per project) against their level of experience. Budget around CA$400 – CA$1000.

Full-service needs. If you need more than just a logo, but a full branding package that includes market research, competitor analysis, and creative teams working on your business data-backed project, a design agency is for you. All this comes at a price, however, and you can pay CA$12,500 or more.

Best ROI. If you have an idea about your ideal client and some ideas, but little talent or time, a marketing agency offers the best return on your investment. Look for a partner in your custom logo design process who takes the time to understand your business. Knowing a lot about design is of no value if you are not heard. Deep conversations and a personalized approach will result in a logo that perfectly reflects your business. Expect to pay between CA$1,500 and CA$2,500.

For all the above, look for testimonials and check out their portfolio for peace of mind that you are choosing the best option.

What Do I Get for My Money?

Rather than just asking, “How much does it cost?”, ask about what is included in the logo design price. It makes sense that you clarify exactly what you are getting for your investment. Irrespective of whether you decide to do it yourself, hire a freelance custom logo designer, or pay a reputable agency, include the following points in your agreement:

  • The final logo design comes in multiple formats – high-resolution vectors for printing and web-optimized for use in your digital marketing and on your website.
  • Full legal copyright so that your logo design is exclusive to your business.

Trust Strand360 to provide peace of mind marketing services for you. Get in touch with us for experienced insight and practical advice regarding your business’s logo design.