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Does Visual Marketing Help Businesses Succeed?

In our digital world where social media and websites rule the roost, visual marketing is a tool that businesses use to appeal to the senses of their audience, especially the sense of sight. Strand360, marketing expert in Alberta, explains further.  

What is Visual Marketing?

Any element related to your business that can be seen by your customer base falls under the umbrella of visual marketing. This can range from logos and packaging to staff uniforms and social media content. Given below are some of the most common forms of visual marketing content that do exceedingly well across the board:

  1. Images: If you plan to showcase your products and services mainly through images, begin by establishing a cohesive image style. As an example, many of the top influencers and businesses on Instagram follow a style guide while posting their images for better continuity.
  2. Videos: Video content can be an excellent avenue to showcase your brand’s personality. Always remember to start strong as the first ten seconds are key in holding customer attention.
  3. Infographics: Also known as graphic visuals, infographics are an interesting and concise means to present a large quantity of information. They can consist of graphs, charts, and mind maps that are easy to understand.
  4. Data visualisation: If you have data that you want to present to customers for analysis, data visualisation tools such as graphs and charts are the way to go. These can be created by a layperson on Excel or by a professional on Adobe.

Why is Visual Content Important?

It is widely known that the human brain processes images quicker than text. Text can be used to vividly describe products and services, but using an image instead can be much more valuable. As an example, a text-heavy website may not be able to hold the interest of a visitor but a similar website with high-resolution images describing the product can ultimately lead to sales.

 What is a Visual Marketing Strategy?

visual marketing strategy incorporates multifaceted approaches to how your visual content is presented to customers. Today, online users are looking for information that is specially curated for them instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. This content also needs to be crisp, easily shareable, and interesting. When you have a robust visual marketing strategy in place that is personalised for your customers, it makes them feel more invested with your brand. Marketing experts have provided a few simple tips to consider while developing your visual marketing strategy:

  1. Follow trends: While creating your visual content, it is important to first understand what the audience needs and wants. When faced with a piece of marketing content, customers usually ask themselves – “Is this product something I want?” and “ how will this product/service help me?” Answering these questions through your visual content is the first step in converting them into paying customers.
  2. Brevity is key: Customers are bombarded with hundreds of content pieces in a day, leading to considerably shorter attention spans than earlier. Keep your visual content short and sweet. Some key examples of this are the videos and reels uploaded on Instagram and TikTok.
  3. Elegant designs: Instead of producing hard, content-heavy visuals, work on more elegant, simple designs that focus on minimalism for better results.
  4. Everyone loves cinema: Visual content in the form of cinematic videos is gaining popularity across the globe. Consider live-action or animated videos with a focus on interesting camera angles to pique the interest of your audience.