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9 Low Budget Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Digital Marketing, Marketing / March 1, 2019

When marketing your small business, especially a start-up, it can seem like everything is out of reach financially. Small business marketing services don’t need to be expensive. If need be, you can do it yourself on a low budget.  Remember that doing it your self can still be costly. The number one cost being your time. Not everyone has the time to do everything beneficial for their business. It’s always important to remember you often need that time to run your business.

1. Create a Website:

You don’t need anything over the top. A one-page website letting viewers know who you are, what you do and how to contact you can make a huge difference. In today’s world of digital marketing it’s a must for getting your business found. Hiring a marketing company should be the first step on your digital marketing journey.

2. Join Social Media:

You don’t need to join them all but you should be on at least one. Narrow down who your target audience is. Find out what social media network the majority of them are on. Learn everything you can about promoting your business on that network. You don’t need to pay for social media advertising for it to be a useful marketing tool.

3. Share Awesome Content:

Social Media is free and you’re already paying for a website so it’s important to publish some kick-ass content. You can even create it yourself to save more. Not very creative? You shouldn’t have trouble finding someone on your team that can turn out some written work for your blog. You might have an employee that has a passion for photography. Including your employees is a great way to increase engagement. They’ll want to share what they’ve created drawing more attention to you.

4. Videos, Videos, and More Videos:

Video content is very valuable, especially for small business marketing. Social networks seem to favor it and it’s the easiest type of content to digest online. The great thing is it doesn’t have to be expensive; you can do it yourself or hire a film student off kijiji.

5. Do It Yourself Info-graphics:

Visual communication is a very powerful and info-graphics are visual eye candy. They’re very easy to digest, and the best part? You can make them yourself using tools like visme, canva or piktochart.

6. Create a Customer Referral Program:

How much is a new customer worth to you? Offer your existing clients rewards for referring new customers. It could be a free product, free month of service or some other reward. Always make rewards of interest to your current clientele.

7. Build Industry Partnerships:

Team up with a related business for a joint project, it means twice as much notice. Since your partner isn’t a direct competitor you open your doors to clients that are like-minded to your own.

8. Direct Email Marketing:

It’s a great way to invite new viewers to engage with your business. Email marketing provides an outlet to communicate and maintain your existing customer relationships. Try automation tactics that send mail to individuals based on their actions.

9. Use Print:

The digital world is taking over. More and more businesses are moving away from traditional marketing products. Less printed material is ending up in people’s mail boxes. This means traditional direct mail marketing is more likely to be read.

Need Help With Your Small Business Marketing?

Not everyone has the time and energy to do their small business marketing themselves. At Strand360 we truly believe in the advantages of both Traditional and Digital Marketing. Allow us to partner with you and build a strong marketing strategy. Every business is different, some might benefit from Social Media Management. Others might see increases in conversion and engagement by nurturing leads through email and automated marketing. Contact Strand360 today to receive your FREE Marketing Consultation.