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3 Reasons to Use Promotional Apparel For Marketing

Promotional apparel is all about the SWAG. Something We All Get (SWAG) is also referred to as freebies or promotional products. It includes t-shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, calendars or reusable water bottles with a company’s name or logo on them. Something practical that people can use.  

Handing out swag products at community or business events is a cost-effective way to promote your company. When they are integrated into the messaging of your business, brand exposure increases considerably.   

But what is promotional apparel specifically? Promotional apparel is outerwear such as t-shirts, jackets and hats. Research done in Canada shows that the quality and attractiveness of promotional apparel is a primary reason for people keeping them. People were asked why they kept branded t-shirts, jackets, hats and polo shirts. The research results specify the following reasons:

Product quality: 45 to 54%   

Product attractiveness: 48 to 63%

Product utility: 35 to 48%

Promotional apparel does not have to be expensive. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. It simply needs to communicate that your company understands good design and quality. And that you feel your current and potential customers are deserving of a quality piece of apparel they can wear anywhere.

Here are three reasons to use promotional apparel for marketing.

Promotional Apparel Guarantees Brand Awareness  

Promotional apparel is a walking billboard that guarantees brand awareness. People approach staff who wear promotional apparel at a community or business event more easily. It starts conversations. 

When promotional apparel is given to loyal customers or members of the public, and wear it, the company name or brand logo becomes very visible. Your company’s promotional apparel could be seen at a restaurant, school sports event or community get-together. Eventually, people will recognize your brand, company name and the services or products you offer.  

Use promotional apparel as part of your social media campaign. Put a hashtag on a hat or a QR code on a t-shirt as part of a fun, attractive design. It is another way to get your business message across and might lead people to your social media pages and website.

Promotional Apparel Increases Customer Trust  

People love getting something for free. When you give promotional apparel to loyal customers, they feel valued. They will become an ambassador for your company by sharing their experience with your service or product, leading others to your business.

If the apparel is attractive and of good quality, it often becomes a favorite item to wear. Some brands even have generational loyalty where grandparents and grandchildren wear promotional apparel from the same brand. Customer trust is also increased when company employees wear promotional apparel with pride.    

To some customers, sustainability is important. If this is part of your brand, sustainable promotional apparel will also build customer trust. Research shows that forty-nine per cent of Canadians have a more favourable opinion of a company whose promotional products are environmentally friendly. And thirty-nine per cent feel the same way when it is socially responsible.  

Low-Cost Effective Marketing  

There is a SWAG product to fit every budget and occasion. Small businesses can also make use of promotional apparel. It is a low-cost marketing tool that can be managed in a cost-effective way. 

Promotional apparel is a good return on investment. It often gets worn for years giving many years worth of advertising. Compare this to other forms of advertising, such as an advertisement seen for a limited time. 

Arranging for promotional apparel is also uncomplicated. Decide which items are the best fit for your customer base. Discuss the design with a full circle marketing company such as Strand360, and we will organize everything. 

Strand360 is a digital marketing agency in Lacombe, Alberta. We provide full circle marketing solutions to our clients. Our services include team and corporate swag, digital marketing solutions, marketing and branding solutions, commercial print services as well as signs and graphics. Do you want promotional apparel for your business? Contact Strand360 today.