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3 Print Marketing Materials to Promote Your Business

Promoting your brand’s products and services is effective when you have bespoke, eye-catching marketing materials.

Print marketing materials are any asset that needs printing and physical distribution. A brochure is an example, so are customized posters, flyers, calendars, and event programs. Today, we can print on almost anything, so printed marketing materials could also include branded items such as coffee mugs, USB drives, keyrings or mousepads with your logo printed on them.

Printed marketing materials – brochures, flyers, posters, etc – were more common before the era of digital marketing, but these items still have their place in a marketer’s portfolio. Paper is still a valuable marketing material.

Today, print marketing is used effectively by small, regional businesses, growing their audience within their community. The market for printed marketing materials is also still thriving for large conferences or trade shows, where visitors still enjoy collecting clever printed marketing ideas from booths they visit.

1. Loyalty Card and Business Card Printing

The key to customer engagement is creating long-term, deep emotional connections with your customers. Ideally, these connections should influence their behavior. More engaged customers are likely to make more purchases, promote your company more and exhibit loyalty to your brand. Stand 360 provides a wide range of customer engagement marketing opportunities like loyalty cards which enable businesses to use their sales information to optimize the customer experience while growing revenue.

Business cards are still relevant in today’s business environment. Nothing says quality quite like a personalized business card. Business cards are the easiest way to communicate your contact information to another person or receive theirs.

When a business card is well-designed with attractive colors that link to your corporate identity, it presents a great opportunity to create a favorable impression for you and your company. A quality business card gives the recipient the information they need and nothing more. It can be considered to be your handshake and its quality of design should not be underestimated.

2. Posters And Banners

Quality design of posters and banners, combined with high-quality printing and high-impact branding is a match made in marketing heaven.

Our poster-printing and design service gives you excellent print quality and fast turnaround time. Print customized banners and posters for your events, trade shows, conferences, and pop-up stores so that your customers are instantly able to recognize your brand and gravitate towards it.

Not only are posters effective, but they are also affordable and can be produced and displayed in a short time frame. This makes posters ideal for companies that wish to market special offers and short-term deals within their premises or in the public domain. We specialize in poster printing for businesses in all industries and offer a large variety of sizes and materials.

3. Flyers, Leaflets, Mailers, Etc.

Flyers and leaflets can be an affordable and effective form of advertising for small-business owners. These printed marketing materials can be very useful to announce a grand opening or for periodic reminders to local customers. Flyers and other marketing handouts must be carefully planned with attention to the layout and also the distribution. A reputable printer will advise you on the quality of paper to use and well as optimal size, layout, and other factors.

Mailers should be personal and selectively directed. Your personal knowledge of your customers will enable you to personalize your mailed marketing to optimize this channel. Using creative wording, your mailers will create the impression of individualized attention to each recipient.

Strand 360 is a print and marketing service based in Alberta. We specialize in all print marketing materials to enhance your business’s marketing and branding efforts. Contact us without delay.