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3 branding mistakes undermining your company’s image

Digital Marketing / April 5, 2022

For any business that is looking to grow, there are a few key branding mistakes that prevent it from building a memorable and authentic brand image with their customer base. Strand360 outlines the branding mistakes to avoid for more effective brand awareness and a more consistent visual identity.

Inconsistency across different platforms and mediums

While building your company’s image, it is essential to remember one thing: your audience thrives on engaging content and consistency. However, many businesses overlook this and confuse their audience with erratic content thrown at them inconsistently across their various platforms.

Strand360 recommends analysing what content your audience is interested in and delivering it to them consistently over a period of time. This includes coordinating the visual assets of your brand across all platforms such as your website, social media channels, print materials and the like. This kind of consistency builds trust, comfort and growing interest in the minds of customers, leading to brand recognition and loyalty as well.

Relying too heavily on design trends

Understanding new and innovative design trends and making them part of your design process can be a rewarding experience. This makes customers feel you are moving with the times and growing your business in a contemporary fashion. But a huge branding mistake several businesses make is to adopt these new design fads so drastically that it completely transforms their core identity and brand model.

It’s simple: customers like innovation and trends, but not to the point that they do not recognise your brand anymore. Thus, Strand360 recommends taking inspiration from the latest in design trends, but always moulding it into your core identity seamlessly.

Straying too far from what made you successful in the first place

As your business starts to grow, you may be tempted to venture into new avenues to grow your customer base. This could be in the form of partnerships, rebrands, or affiliates. While these avenues can be highly beneficial, it is imperative to remember that it was your original core business model that attracted your customer base in the first place. After years of building a solid relationship with your core customer base, do not stray away from the principles that made you successful with them in the past.

A classic example of this “shiny ball syndrome” is from the Gap when they decided to rebrand their logo. Their original logo had already created such an impact with customers that they were quick to criticise the business unequivocally. The situation was so dire that the business was forced to adopt its original logo within the week.

Thus, if you are looking at building a sustainable brand image, these are the top three branding mistakes to avoid at all costs. For more information on other branding mistakes and growing your company’s image more effectively, contact Strand360 today.